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Today in English you will be looking at asking questions and building up to making a news report 


I want to start the lesson by looking at different news reports to give you an idea of what a news report can look like. 


Please note these are not recent news reports, you also do not need to listen to the whole Newsround episode if you don't want to. 


Whilst you watch the reports I would like you to think about the type of questions they ask.


Newsround Wednesday 2nd December 2020

GET TO KNOW ME: Gareth Southgate Q and A | Newsround

Now you have watched the videos and have some idea of questions you may ask I would like you to look at the picture below which is from the park scene in the book.

Whilst you are looking at the picture pay particular attention to all the houses around the park and have a think about the questions below; 

How do you think all the residents feel? 

Do you think everyone is happy about the beast living so close to them?

Well... not all the residents are happy and there is one resident in particular that is rather unhappy and he wants YOU to interview him about his views. 


Your task today is to write down some questions that you might ask the unhappy resident. I have put some down below to get you started.


Let me start this interview by asking you your name and how you feel about the beast living in the park so close by? 


Would you prefer the beast to live somewhere else? 


Don't forget we know that the resident is unhappy as he told us that when he answered the first question, so all the questions after you can ask him about why he is unhappy etc.