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Today in English we will be beginning to look at story mapping. 

So what is story mapping?

Story mapping is putting the key events in a story into chronological order.

Today we will be getting an idea of the order you would like to put them in ready for you to complete a story map tomorrow. 


Before you listen to me read the story again can you write down some of the parts in the story that you think are key. Once you have done this watch the video below. Whilst watching the video I would like you to pause it at a time you think is a key moment in the text and write it down.

The first video is me showing you point where I would have paused the video to make note of a key moment.


This doesn't need to be a need bit of work and is just a plan of what to make tomorrow's lesson easier for us.

Parts I would Pause at

Still image for this video

The Lonely Beast