Dr Walker's Church of England Primary School

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Today in English I will be reading you the power of reading text, but, not until the end of the lesson .

You looked at some of the book yesterday so to start with I just want you to have a look at the picture below and think about the questions  

- What sort of story are you expecting and why? Non-fiction/fiction

- What do you think this story may be about?

- Do you know any other monsters like this?


Once you have discussed these questions have a look at the video below 


Book Trailer: The Lonely Beast

Now you have watched the video have your opinions on the book changed?

- What do you think the beast is doing, where do you think it is going?

- Does this video remind you of anything?


One last section before you listen to me read you the book. Have a look at the front cover of the book. You will notice it is called 'The Lonely Beast' 

- What do you think it means to be lonely?

- Why do you think the monster is lonely?

Now it is time for you to read the whole story. Watch the video below which is me reading it to you.

The Lonely Beast