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Today we are carrying back on with Jemmy Button. You may want to recap the story so far from this video, just to remember what's happened so far. We aren't going all the way to the end yet, so please stop the video at 3minutes 36 seconds to avoid spoilers.

Literacy Counts - Jemmy Button (Story time Counts)

Gareth from Literacy Counts reads Jemmy Button by Jennifer Uman.Download the document that goes alongside this book at:

We left the story on this picture. Does it look at all familiar to you Is it similar to another picture we have seen in the story?
If you look right back to the beginning of the story you'll find this picture. What similarities do you see and what differences? 

Having looked at both of these pictures, write down some words of things you can see that are different. Then write some words to say how you think Jemmy feels.


For today's challenge we are going to practise writing in the first person. Remember, writing in the first person means you are writing pretending that you are them. So you will be using the word "I" a lot. I would like you to write a page in Jemmy's made-up diary, writing about what's happening and how he feels at the moment. Imagine that you were Jemmy, with all he's gone through and experienced. Now, as he sits on the room and looks up at the clouds, what would he write into his diary?