Dr Walker's Church of England Primary School

An Exceptional Place to Flourish

Collective Worship

We are thinking about things that happen in the world that show perseverance.


We are thinking about someone who did something to help the NHS through the pandemic.

Captain Tom Moore walked round his garden to raise money for the NHS. He raised a massive 32 million pounds for the NHS through his perseverance and sadly passed away after catching covid himself last month.


Watch the BBC news clip and also read the news report if you wish.

WWII veteran Captain Tom Moore completes his 100th lap after raising over £12m for the NHS

Now think about the following;


  • Was the result of perseverance worth the effort?
  • Do you think there were times when he wanted to give up, but carried on?
  • Do you think he was proud of finishing his challenge?

Please prayer;


Almighty God, our Heavenly Father

We thank you for our school, our pupils, our teachers, our parents and our governing body. Helps us to grow together as a worshipping, learning community.

We ask that you give us the humility to share our strengths and gifts humbly, and

 the determination, resilience and open-mindedness to listen to others when we are struggling.

We thank you for the friendships that we make at our school and we ask for your loving care as you watch over our school.

Most of all we ask that you continue to teach us and lead us, in being the people you would like us to be, as you walk beside us every day of our lives.

We ask this prayer in your holy name.