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Collective Worship

This week in Collective Worship we are looking at Teamwork

Have a look at the Treasure Champs episode below ( you only need to watch to 6.45, although can watch it all if you would like). Once you've watched the video discuss the questions below with someone in your house. 

(If you're up to it write the answers down and email them to us, we'd love to see them)

Treasure Champs - Working Together | Teamwork, Loyalty & Democracy | Wizz

Join the Treasure Champs in this fun and educational compilation, focusing on the values of teamwork, loyalty and democracy.Subscribe for more Treasure Champ...

What Teams are you part of?

Are there any teams at school? 

Are there teams you are in out of school?



Dear God,
Thank you for making each of us different and giving us each of us unique gifts.

Thank you that when we work together we can make a team and achieve great things.

Please help us to work better together and be thankful for the role we have and the role others play.