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Collective Worship

Today's collective worship story is all about a botanist (scientist who studies plants). there are two things in this story that should not happen, can you spot them?

The two things that should not of happened is that the botanist should not have picked the wild flower, especially rare ones, this is something you can be prosecuted for. The second thing was that the boy should have been more wary of the stranger, especially as he was offering money.


The important part of the story though is that the boy went and got someone he could trust and that was his father.


Trust is a very important quality and it is often one that people say you have to earn. We should not trust strangers or bullies or someone who has let us down in the past, however we should be able to trust people in our family, friends, teachers and other people in our community who help us.


Do you think you are a trustworthy person? 

Can people rely on you?