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Collective Worship

Continuing on our theme of respect this week, we are going to start with a Newsround article for you to have a look at:

Isn't that cute?! Today we were thinking about respect and animals. Below are a list of questions for your to think about and answer. Maybe you could discuss them with someone else at home and see if they have different ideas or opinions.


Do you think animals show respect?

How could they show respect?

What can we learn from the photographs?

Can you think of any other Bible stories where animals have had to work together/show respect to accomplish something?


Do you have any animals at home?

How do you show them respect?

How do they show respect to each other?

When you've finished exploring and discussing these questions, here is a prayer to finish our collective worship today.


Dear God,

Please guide us in respecting our wonderful planet. Help us to protect animals and the environment they live in. Help us show respect by allowing our wonderful world to grow.