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Collective Worship

Respect and kindness often fall hand in hand. We are usually very good at showing respect to others. But how can we show respect to things that are non-living?

Watch the story of King Soloman:

How did he show respect to God with his finished building? How did he show respect during the building process?

Think about a time someone has asked you to do something, whether it’s a task at home or school. Did you show respect as you did it? Why? Why not?

Why is it important for us to show respect towards the things we and others have?


Try to complete the week, thinking carefully about how we can show respect as we do our daily activities.

Let's finish with a prayer:



Dear God,

I know that I have much to learn from other people who reflect your image and likeness in different ways. Inspire me to respect others fully as my equals, seeing and loving in them, what you see and love in them too.