Dr Walker's Church of England Primary School

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Collective Worship

See if you can guess our theme for collective worship this week from these clues.

It's one of our school Christian values...


It's something that you have in class, but also something that show other people....


It starts with the letter R....


Our theme for the week is RESPECT.


Let's start off exploring respect with this video.


Mutual respect

Pupils Amelie and Shaeya interview children and adults from their school community to find out what the word 'respect' means to them. Their interviewees offe...

For today's collective worship I would like you to think about these questions. If you have someone you can discuss them with then that's great! Otherwise just write some short answers to the questions for yourself.


Who should we respect?


How do you show respect?


Why is respect important?


Should everybody show respect? Why/why not?


Can animals show respect?


Once you've finished working out your own answers to those questions, you can join in this prayer:


Dear God,

Please help me to treat everyone with kindness and respect.