Dr Walker's Church of England Primary School

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Celebration Collective Worship

It's the end of a particularly unusual week: all of us in isolation, but keeping going and keeping positive! 

Obviously this celebration collective worship won't be our usual, with star of the week, house points and home learning quest, but we can still celebrate!

First of all, here's a selection of the wonderful work I've received this week that absolutely deserves sharing. I can't write names of who did them unfortunately, but if you see your work then be proud!

(Have a look in the 'Wow work' section of the Hedgehogs page if you want to see these in more detail)

Also, let's celebrate our continuing resilience (one of our school Christian values) for always keeping going and doing our best to stay positive in the difficult times that we are in. So, both children and parents/ carers of Hedgehogs class: celebrate your achievement. You're all smashing it!!
Have a good weekend Hedgehogs. Stay happy, healthy and safe.
Mr Joy smiley