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Collective Worship

This morning we are going to be thinking about how kindness is even more important than ever, as we live through this pandemic. 


On the 13th November it was World Kindness Day, and the video clip below tells you all about how being kind is good for us.

Why is it more important than ever for us to be kind to each other?


How can we show kindness to people during the pandemic?


“Kindness is giving hope to those who think they are alone in the world.”


Are there people living near you or a relative that feels they are alone?


I wonder what you could do this week to let them know they are not alone by sharing your kindness with them?

Today's prayer:


Dear God,

You tell us not to pay back wrong for wrong, but to always try to be kind to each other

Even when I feel someone has done something wrong, please help me to be kind.