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Celebration Collective Worship

Here we are at the end of our isolation. It's been another challenging time but we made it to the end, and now we are that much closer to Christmas!
Once again, we deserve to celebrate all of out perseverence, resilience and hard work. Thank you so much to every one of you that has sent me work, it's brightened my time in isolation too!  

Below you will find a selection of the wonderful work I've received this week that absolutely deserves sharing. I can't write names of who did them unfortunately, but if you see your work then be proud!

(Have a look in the 'Wow work' section of the Hedgehogs page if you want to see these in more detail)

I think you all deserve to celebrate your achievements again this week, both parents and children. Never underestimate the impact of all that you're doing. Even though things can be tricky this year, just remember the words of a wise film character: just keep swimming.
Such wisdom for a fish.  Let's finish the week with a prayer.

Dear God,

Please grant that my friends, family and I show respect to everyone as Your Word commands.


I hope that you all enjoy your weekend, and I look forward to seeing you on Monday. Until then, good afternoon Hedgehogs! laugh