Dr Walker's Church of England Primary School

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Work you've done at home.

Old Puppet vs. New Puppet! Excellent effort!

A fantastic comic strip telling the story of 'I want my hat back'. Great little characters and he's captured each part of the story.
Another lovely comic strip story board showing how hard he is working on his writing.
A range of great home learning from our new book. I particularly like this robot. Great job!
Getting stuck into our new Power of Reading book by exploring the robot characters and making one out of 2D shapes.
A range of home-learning this week, from practising colours in French, to some fab maths work including odd and even numbers, to making a robot out of 2D shapes on his computer!
Practising colours in French this week and an extra challenge with the French colours word search!
 I was pleasantly surprised by the portrait in the style of Picasso that wasn't even one of our activities, but it's some beautiful home learning!
A fantastic personal take on the painted stones that are around at the moment:  a Mr Joy stone! I never knew a stone could look so much like me. Well done!
What a fantastic rabbit hand puppet! It turned out so well, I'm very impressed.
Nice work on his own robot. I really like the completely different style he went for compared to the robot in the book. Well done!
What a fun range of home-learning activities. We all love home-made pizza too!
What a fantastic use of colour in this picture, and another great example of not just having to do the activities that I've put up.
Some great practising of maths this week, and wonderful pictures exploring the seasons.
I'm so pleased to see all of the maths home-learning this week, practising fractions is off to a fab start!
I was so pleased to see some of you enjoying the online activities for you this week. Very well done!
Wow what a range of activities going on this week. Some wonderful maths and writing challenges from our new book. I also really like the art work on show here, very good home learning!
What a beautiful selection of home learning we have here. I particularly like the 4 seasons pictures, using different materials. Definite creativity there!
Some fantastic DIY robots being built this week! I liked seeing these 2 robots from the same household still looking different, with different materials and colours and even different facial expressions!
Some colourful drawings and another home-made robot. I love the silver shiny colour of this robot, really making it look metal.
Working hard on extra home-learning that I didn't even set! Good to see you getting so into your home-learning.
I really enjoy seeing you all doing so many different kinds of activities for your home-learning, not just sticking to what you find easiest. Well done!
Wow! What a creative week you guys have been having in your home-learning. It's great to see you've really gotten into following the bluebird drawing tutorial and having a go at using collage for your own birds. Well done!
You've all been really getting stuck into fractions the past couple of weeks and it looks like you've been doing great with them! Also some fab writing based on our Power of Reading book 'The Robot and the Bluebird'. Great!