Dr Walker's Church of England Primary School

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Celebrating Home Learning!


A selection of images from one of our wonderful Year 5 students.

Picture 1 Scrapbook front cover
Picture 2 Scrapbook back cover
Picture 3 Fantastic poster
Picture 4 Brilliant diary entry
Picture 5 Stunning porthole artwork showing what can be seen
Picture 6 What a great good luck charm
Picture 7 I love this Molly Brown portrait and biography
Picture 8 You've worked so hard on the science investigation
Picture 9 A wonderful front cover
Picture 10 Well done for adding so many attractions
Picture 11 A 3rd class cabin on board Titanic
Picture 12 A great use of recycled materials
Picture 13 This handwriting is beautiful
Picture 14 Getting creative with Titanic learning
Picture 15 A fantastic newspaper report
Picture 16 Timeline and iceberg


Research 1 You've found really interesting research


Maths 1
Maths 2
I'm so proud of how well you have been working on your maths while at home. Stay being amazing laugh


Artwork  1 I can't wait to see the finished piece of artwork

Miss Willis's Charm

Miss Willis's Charm 1 I love Miss Willis's macramé good luck charm


Model 1
You have worked incredibly hard to create this model of a First Class stateroom in Titanic. I'm so proud! Keep it up yes


A selection of images from one of our fantastic Year 6 students.

Picture 1 This is a stunning front cover
Picture 2 I love these sketches
Picture 3 What a great way to make something look old!
Picture 4 Fantastic ideas
Picture 5 A great display of images and captions
Picture 6 This ice image is beautiful
Picture 7 Titanic menu
Picture 8 Yummy!
Picture 9 A guide to New York
Picture 10


Scrapbook 1 I'm so proud oh how hard you've worked


Maths 1 Adding fractions - maths superstar!



Some pieces of work from one of our brilliant Year 6 students

Picture 1 A delicious menu
Picture 2 Beautiful handwriting in this diary entry
Picture 3 An old looking menu
Picture 4 Delicious!
Picture 5 A wonderful diary



A selection of images from one of our amazing Year 5 students.

Picture 1 Great front cover
Picture 2 I love how the tickets have been attached
Picture 3 A very old looking map
Picture 4 Iceberg artwork
Picture 5 Fantastic sketch
Picture 6 Close-up picture of the tickets
Picture 7 Titanic's planned route
Picture 8 I love this little envelope