Dr Walker's Church of England Primary School

An Exceptional Place to Flourish

Caterpillars Class

Welcome to Caterpillar Class!

Hello My name is Miss Tierney and I am going to be your new Class Teacher. I can’t wait to meet you all. In Caterpillars Class we do lots and lots of exciting, fun and messy activities! We also have lots of toys and games for you to play with. Such as the mud kitchen, play dough, dress up clothes, cars, the water tray, bikes and so much more. Make sure you check out the school tour video I posted it will show you what our classroom looks like.


See you soon,


Miss Tierney smiley



Fun Facts about Miss Tierney

Favourite colour: Purple and red

The best Disney/Pixar film is: Beauty and the Beast, Up or Toy Story

The best part of Caterpillar's Class is: Role play area, play dough station, writing area or the mud kitchen

My favourite thing about Dr Walker's: We are one big family everyone knows everybody!

Favourite animal: Red panda, tiger or dragon

My Pets: I have two dogs called Louie and Florrie


Fun Facts about Miss Adams

Favourite colour: Mint green

The best Disney/Pixar film is: Hercules

The best part of Caterpillar's Class is: The planting area, vegetable patch or creation station

My favourite thing about Dr Walker's: The relationships you build

Favourite animal: Elephant

My Pets: Max my dog and Pugsly my fish




Meet Martha

This is Martha our class monkey. She likes to cause mischief in Caterpillar's Class. Keep your eyes peeled as she is often found busy playing outside in our mud kitchen climbing trees or cooking dinner in our role play area. Martha goes home with a different member of the class each weekend. She loves spending time with them and loves going on lots of lovely adventures with you. Martha can't wait to meet you all in September