Dr Walker's Church of England Primary School

An Exceptional Place to Flourish


Today is all about adding texture and pattern to your drawings. This will help us when it comes to designing our own Faberge egg next week. 


Below is a sheet that you can print off and complete the first page where you will copy the texture that they do on the left. Try and imagine what that texture will fill like. Is it smooth of bumpy? Is it rough like sandpaper?


If you do not want to print off the sheet below or would prefer to do it a different way then another option is to do some rubbings of textures around the house of outside. 

Get the item that you want to show the texture of and put it under a piece of paper with a crayon (if you do not have a crayon then rubbing lightly with a pencil or chalk will work the same).


Rubbings of Things Around My House