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Today in Art we are going to be making a start on our Faberge eggs.

You need to make sure you listen to your adults because today could get messy.

We will be using paper mache to make our eggs. Have a look at the video below which tells you how to do this.

Don't forget, you will need:


PVA Glue



(If you are doing your egg a different way then that's fine and you can get stuck in) 

Tip: I would add some water to the PVA glue so it isn't so sticky

How to Paper Mache a Balloon

Now it's time for you to do your own.

You can make the balloon as big or a small as you want but don't forget you have to decorate it next week.

When you've finished leave it somewhere safe to dry. Don't forget you made the mess so you need to tidy it (with some help from an adult)